Fluid Services

Brake Fluid Service

Over time brake fluid absorbs moisture, and as a result corrosion can cause premature failure of the brake system. When we perform this service all the old fluid is removed and replaced with new fluid. To finish the service off, dust covers are placed over each bleeder valve cover to prevent clogging and corrosion. This service prevents sluggish braking, corrosion of the brake system, and ensures responsive braking.

Cooling System Service

As miles are put on your vehicle, build-up chokes off proper flow of coolant, and the coolant also loses its protective qualities over time. To perform the service, we add and circulate cleaner throughout the coolant system, fill the cooling system with the proper coolant for your vehicle, and then top off with Super Sealer to maintain pressure and prevent minor leaks. Performing cooling system service on a regular interval will extend the life of your vehicle, keep cooling system clean, and functioning efficiently.

Differential Service

For most this is the most overlooked regular maintenance service, and forgetting to do this service may result in having to replace your differential assembly. To complete this service, we remove all old gear box oil from the gear box. Once completely drained, full synthetic gear oil is added to protect against friction and wear. Keeping this on a regular schedule extends the life of the differential assembly, increases fuel economy, and prevents unusual wear.

Fuel System Service

Deposits in your fuel system rob your system of MPGs and acceleration, and these deposits need to be removed to maintain proper operation of the engine. When the service is performed, deposits from fuel injectors and intake valves are removed. Also it cleans the air intake system. After the completion of this service you will notice improved fuel economy, smoother idle and acceleration, and reduce emissions.

Power Steering Service

Power steering fluid is the most overused fluid in most vehicles, and can result in increased wear which can cause expensive steering failures. When we perform this service, all the steering fluid is removed from the reservoir, powerful cleaners are added to remove any debris, and then power steering fluid is replaced to prevent squeals and leaks.

Transmission Service

The leading cause of transmission failure is due to contaminated fluid, as older fluid can cause deposits to form more quickly. To ensure that your transmission will perform for years to come our technicians add and circulate transmission cleaner, add new fluid, and conditioner is added to protect against wear. This benefits you by maintaining proper shifting, and prolonging the life of your transmission.